Buy aBrick

The Friends of Rugby invite you to become a permanent part of The Rugby School at Woodfield

with your inscription prominently displayed along Rugby's brick walkway. Leave your name etched on an actual brick paver that will last the life of the school. Celebrate a birth, graduation, an anniversary, a birthday or memorialize a family member, or friend.

About The Bricks

The engraved brick paver (4"x8") will be filled type (a sample is available at the school) - each engraved letter is filled to the face of the brick with an environmentally protected compound that seals the engraving. This process protects the centers of letters from damage and from dirt filling the letters. Each brick paver will withstand inclement weather, provide excellent clarity and resist breaking and cracking. Brick pavers will be randomly placed in the pathway. Ordering is an ongoing process and once orders are placed, delivery time is between 6 to 8 weeks.